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Leading Virtual Teams That Include Israelis

Leading Virtual Teams That Include Israelis Leading any virtual team is quite challenging; and leading one that incorporates Israelis is that much trickier. Virtual teams exist across physical and cultural boundaries. They share a common purpose, while mainly using web-based…

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Building Trust with Israelis

Quite a few global summits have taken place in Israel over the last few months: AWS (Amazon), IBM, Microsoft, Israel Mobile Summit, Tech & Law, Edtech and many more. Such summits bring numerous businesspeople from all over the world, some…

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5 Tips for Managing Culturally Diverse Teams

A good manager explains what he expects from his employees. A good international manager adjusts his expectations to his employees' values and beliefs, based on the culture each individual comes from. Every worker, in any place or culture, is more…

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The Concept of Freedom in Israeli Culture

'Tis the season in Israel and worldwide – that Jews are preparing for Passover. This is the holiday commemorating the Israelites' exodus from slavery in Egypt to freedom. We have been preserving this freedom every day since the State of…

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