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5 Powerful Tips for Working with Israelis

5 Powerful Tips for Working with Israelis

I really hope that you have already read my book “Israeli Business Culture” and are familiar with the ISRAELI™ model that elaborates on the major characteristics of the Israeli business culture:







If this is your first time seeing the above model, you can find more details in the following link:

In either case, I want to make sure we are making headway.

Here are five tips for managers around the globe who work with Israelis:

  1. Cascade Power Down: Try to cascade power down through the organization and . This will motivate your Israeli employees and also make them respect you for trusting and challenging them.
  2. Differentiate Between Directness in Business and Personal Sensitivity: Many Israelis are unaware of how aggressive their straightforwardness can appear to non-Israelis. Try to keep this in mind, and differentiate between directness in business and personal sensitivity.
  3. Enjoy the Possibility of Risk-Taking and Improvisation: Israelis tend to think big and aim high. Enjoy the possibility that their risk-taking and improvisation might pay off really well.
  4. Subdivide Projects: When Israelis go outside the defined lines due to their improvisational mindset, the project outline, timetable and even goals can all change, which may seem to create a mess. However, this can also bring about more interesting and profitable results. I advise non-Israelis to break down projects so that any changes that come up can be monitored and discussed before moving on to the next step.
  5. Know Your Own Culture’s Valuable Assets: Remember that your ability for strategic long-term planning and attention to detail can serve as a balancing factor and a valuable asset while working with Israelis. A combination of people from different cultures in one organization can increase real-time success in the long run.


Browse for more information about the Israeli culture in or look for my Amazon bestseller Israeli Business Culture.


OLM Consulting Founder

Osnat Lautman is a well-known intercultural expert and the author of the Amazon bestselling book ‘Israeli Business Culture’. Osnat is passionate about cultures, connecting humans and breaking through culture barriers. She created the ISRAELI™ model of Israeli business characteristics (Informal, Straightforward, Risk-Taking, Ambitious, Entrepreneurial, Loud, Improvisational) to reveal the foundations of the Israeli innovative culture. Osnat supports many organizations and individuals to effectively connect and engage with Israelis, avoid misunderstanding and maximize the value of combining the innovative Israeli spirit into a multi culture environment.

Osnat is the founder of OLM Consulting and her customer include the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel, The Jewish Agency, Verint, NYU Tel Aviv, the British Embassy, the Swedish Embassy, the Belgium Embassy, FIDF, Israel Defense Ministry delegation in New York, JCC Association, National Bank of Australia, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 888 Holdings, Corning, SkyVision, ObserveIT, MX1, Israel Export Institute, StartApp, Tel Aviv Municipality, and many others.

Osnat lived in Hoboken, New Jersey, from 2009 to 2013. During this time, she started her extensive research on the differences between Israeli and non-Israeli business cultures, including video interviews with businesspeople from numerous origins. The recorded discussions are incorporated into her lectures and workshops for demonstration purposes.

Osnat holds:
M.A in Social Science and Communications, Bar Ilan University, Israel
Certificate in Organizational Development, New York University, New York
Coach License from Co-Active Training Institute, Israel

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