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מעמד האישה בישראל

לבקשת הקהל הנה גם הגרסה בעברית על מעמד האישה בישראל הרבה פעמים אני נשאלת על מעמד האישה בישראל. ובהתבסס על איך שהדיונים האלה מתנהלים, הבנתי שלא- ישראלים רואים בנשים ישראליות יותר דומיננטיות ממה שהן בפועל ובעלות זכויות שוות יותר ממה…

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The Status of Women in Israel

I am often asked about the status of women in Israel. And as we approach International Women's Day, which takes place each year on March 8th, I think that based on how these discussions play out, I've realized that others…

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Language and Culture

Language is one of the tools we use to create meaning. We form ideas through words, which sometimes even make it easy for us to quickly lay down the foundation for deeper intentions. When you work in a global company,…

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Leadership and Power Across Cultures

I am surprised each time anew when I witness the gap that exists between how any culture perceives itself and how others perceive it. In the workshops I conduct for global companies, we always discuss various kinds of cultural gaps,…

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Cultural Curiosity and Individual Uniqueness

Cultural curiosity is a desire to learn and understand more about people whose cultural backgrounds, experiences and perspectives are different from our own. It may involve learning facts about someone's cultural heritage or understanding how that person thinks, feels or behaves…

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The Power of Words Across Cultures

In recent centuries, English has become a global language. Over 380 million people speak it as their first language and more than 200 million as their second language. According to the National Standards for Foreign Language Education, people cannot truly…

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