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osnat lautman

Osnat Lautman

Organizational Consultant

OLM Consulting Founder

MA in Political Science and Communication, Bar Ilan University

Diploma in Organizational Development, NYU


Osnat is an expert in cross-cultural communication for the international business world and the author of the Amazon best seller book “Israeli Business Culture.”

She lived in the US for several years. Living, studying and working abroad taught her that cultural understanding is critical for business success, and also led her to decide to specialize in this fascinating field.

She has interviewed 350 business people who work in global companies. Some of the interviews were recorded and serve as a unique tool in her workshops.  All of the workshops (cross-cultural communication, relocation, repatriation and speaking to an audience), are based upon personal experience, comprehensive research, and professionalism acquired by working with Fortune 500 companies.

Osnat has assisted numerous corporations and government agencies to better manage global teams and a culturally diverse workforce.

Osnat in the Media

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