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We have worked with Osnat many times over the years at the Israel-Asia Center. Osnat has run Israeli culture workshops – both in person and online – for Asian participants on our various leadership programs – from India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam… Our program participants have found her workshops not only to be deeply insightful and dynamic, but also fun and engaging! Her workshops are a must for participants at the beginning of any of our Israel-Asia leadership programs, and I would highly recommend her to any organizations or companies who are working internationally.

Rebecca Zeffert

I have partnered with OLM Consulting on several cross-cultural communication programs that have spanned five continents. Each workshop under Osnat’s guidance is meticulously planned, addresses cultural misunderstandings head-on, and fundamentally enhances team performance. Her professionalism, trustworthiness, and effectiveness have been integral in driving the desired outcomes.
Engaging with Osnat and OLM Consulting signifies a true commitment to long-term business development and growth. I am confident your partnership will result in increased company-wide productivity and a much more harmonious work environment!

Joanne McDonnell

We had an excellent lecture by Osnat about cultural mindset. Osnat was knowledgeable and engaging, and the lecture was informative and inspiring. It was great to hear Osnat give such a detailed overview of cultural differences when dealing with colleagues from different backgrounds.

Vanessa Eyal

I have known Osnat for several years and this year we finally got to work together. Osnat holds the highest standards of professionalism, from proposal to delivery she is impeccable, creative, curious, diligent. Anyone who does business with her is supposed to get tons of I have known Osnat for several years and this year we finally got to work together. Osnat holds the highest standards of professionalism, from proposal to delivery she is impeccable, creative, curious, diligent. Anyone who does business with her is supposed to get tons of value – and enjoyment – from it!value – and enjoyment – from it!

Beny Rubinstein

The workshops were insightful.
We had teams across the globe and Osnat managed the sessions remarkably. We learned a lot and the biggest review here is that one of my employees (US regional manager) asked to have a second session after about 3 years, he remembered the session and how good it was so he wanted to do it again for all the new employees. The session was about cultural differences.

Avner Firon

Osnat is a professional consultant, expert in the cross cultural domain, brings a deep background to discussions, 1;1 consulting, lectures and workshops with theory and practical combined optimally.
we have worked together on an organizational- cross cultural interface challenge and had and amazing experience of analysis and insights of cultural differences in Spain and Israel, along to organizational causes.
I Enjoy my work with Osnat for her professionalism, integrity and charm!!!

Michal Katzir

Thank you Osnat for an incredibly dynamic, insightful & unifying session with our Sanofi team. The feedback from everyone that attended has been overwhelming favourable.

Alex Condoleon

Osnat is a Cross-Cultural expert. She provided number of workshops and lectures in the British embassy for our diplomats, embassy employees and our special women’s delegation.

Her eye-opening content about the Israeli Business Culture and the way she delivers the lecture, provides a real added values for the participants. At the end of the lecture, Osnat gives each participant a copy of her book, Israeli Business Culture. This excellent book allows the delegates to delve deeper into the content even after they return home to the UK. I highly recommended both the lecture and the book to anyone interested in doing business with Israelis.

Daphna Frucht

Osnat Lautman delivers a very interesting lecture about Israeli Business Culture. She is a great speaker with a passion for the subject and deep professional expertise. She is engaging and connects with the delegation during the lecture and provides very good information.

Osnat Lautman has participated in a number of events organized by our embassy for visiting business delegations from Sweden and we received only positive feedback.

We recommend Osnat Lautman for any business delegations visiting Israel.

Christine Björk

We hired Osnat as a motivational speaker at our sales kickoff event in Tel Aviv. She was brilliant, funny & entertaining; all of our international workers got a true taste of Israel through her session. She also gave out autographed copies of her books to everyone to take home. I highly recommend her as a motivational speaker.

Michael Yehoshua

On a number of occasions, we invited Osnat to give lectures to business delegations from Belgium. Her lecture provides businesspeople with an excellent understanding of the business culture in Israel, highlighting the need to be aware of the difference between the Israeli and Belgian business cultures. The feedback from attendees has been always positive.

I highly recommended her lecture to anyone interested in doing business with Israelis.

Jacob Lempert

I would like to express my appreciation for two different cross-cultural workshops that Osnat Lautman planned and delivered to our employees at SkyVision Israel.
Osnat is a superb lecturer and instructor. She has a great deal of knowledge and experience working with business people all over the world; and she is an expert in bridging the gap between Israeli culture and other cultures.
No less important, she is excellent at tailoring the right, organization-specific workshop that will provide your employees with clear insights to better understand their multicultural colleagues, whether in-house or abroad. We are already seeing her workshops translate into smoother work relations and increased business productivity.
I strongly recommend Osnat’s workshops for anyone working in a global company.

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