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Osnat elegantly draws from her experience in a smooth and innovative framework that perfectly captures the Israeli mentality. A very practical guide to understanding Israeli business culture and a very pleasant reading experience.”

-Peggy (He Guan) Mizrahi, China Unit Manager, Israel Export Institute


Osnat Lautman brings the knowledge and insights you need to understand the nuances of doing business in Israel.”

-Alan Weinkrantz, Brand Ambassador to Israel, Rackspace Startups Program


Israeli Business Culture  elaborates on the various Israeli cultural characteristics. It provides tips for improving communication skills while doing business with Israelis. It also explains how we Israelis became a society in which our dress and behavior are informal, and our manner of speaking has almost no filters between thought and the spoken word. It explores why we are an entrepreneurial society of ambitious people who take risks on the road to success. Furthermore, we have a tendency to improvise and think outside the box, and more.

Author Osnat Lautman, an Israeli organizational consultant and expert in cross-cultural communication, uses the letters in the word “Israeli” as a model to elaborate on the major characteristics of Israeli business culture:

I Informal
S Straightforward
R Risk-taking
A Ambitious
E Entrepreneurial
L Loud
I Improvisational

Everyone wants to understand and trust their business colleagues and associates. For those working with Israelis, gaining knowledge of the origins and characteristics of their business culture will enhance communication, which is the cornerstone of profitable business in our diverse, global economy.

From this enjoyable book, based on extensive academic research and practical experience alike, you will learn how to recognize these characteristics when doing business with Israelis. You will gain tools for successful intercultural business communication and find clear, helpful recommendations on working together to achieve business success.

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