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Global Interplay’s insights challenge the binary approach of the past and looks ahead to the future by incorporating the fact of our limited perception into its new cross-cultural business model.

The book is about upmodeling your multicultural business approach in theory and practice. It explains the innovative TCAP™ model – structured with four spectrums that form the foundation of an informed global mindset:
T – Trust, C – Communication, A – Authority, and P – Process.

TCAP Model

Based on comprehensive research (with contributions from 48 expert consultants worldwide) and her own professional experience, Lautman presents a large number of different cultures’ positions on four spectrums, illustrating and intertwining them with intercultural experts’ stories.

The valuable insights shared in this book allow readers to:

  • Learn about themselves as well as others.
  • Benefit from different perspectives.
  • Receive practical tools in clear, relatable language along with practical real-life examples.
  • Gain the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in global business in this ultra-rapidly changing, diverse modern world.

Read Global Interplay before interacting across cultures and return to it whenever necessary for added processing of your global mindset and cross-cultural experience.

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