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Living and Working Abroad

Many Israelis relocate to different countries around the world. Many companies provide relocation solutions, such as work permits/visas, international shipping, moving services, tax consulting, health services, etc. However, no one gives you the tools to deal with the real difficulties: personal/ family acclimation, emotional support, professional difficulties and understanding the local bureaucracy. Only people who have been through all that can understand. We at OLM Consulting teach from experience.

Who is it for?

  • Companies or individuals planning to relocate
  • Spouses/other journey partners

The workshop focuses on several aspects of relocation:

  • The emotional side of relocating overseas
    • Personal resources
    • Spouse support
    • Children’s adjustment
  • Understanding the bureaucracy of living and working abroad and preparing for the different procedures involved
  • Tools and recommendations for properly dealing with the move
  • Bridging the cultural gap between Israeli culture and the destination culture
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