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I would like to express my appreciation for two different cross-cultural workshops that Osnat Lautman planned and delivered to our employees at SkyVision Israel.
Osnat is a superb lecturer and instructor. She has a great deal of knowledge and experience working with business people all over the world; and she is an expert in bridging the gap between Israeli culture and other cultures.
No less important, she is excellent at tailoring the right, organization-specific workshop that will provide your employees with clear insights to better understand their multicultural colleagues, whether in-house or abroad. We are already seeing her workshops translate into smoother work relations and increased business productivity.
I strongly recommend Osnat’s workshops for anyone working in a global company.

Eilam Langer
VP Global HR at SkyVision
Ken Seguine

I'm about to take a position with an innovative Israeli company and in the airport on the way home, I picked up Osnat's excellent book, "Israeli Business Culture". I highly recommend it for anyone doing business in Israel. It rings 100% true to me and gave me the background and confirmation on things that I had only vaguely been aware of. She is an engaging writer, and this succinct book should be a must read. I know this information will insure a successful and positive relationship with my new company.

Ken Seguine
Head of Algatech US
Tal Horovits

My company hired Osnat as an expert cross-cultural communication consultant to help our NYC and TLV offices to bridge the cultural gap and build better and more productive relations. I recently had the pleasure to work with her, and both I and my management were delighted with the results. Osnat was very professional right from the first step. She took the time to get to know us, asked the right questions and came prepared, focusing on the end goal, delivering customer value. As expected, she’s a great communicator with a global mindset that allows her to offer great insights. I would have no problem recommending Osnat to anyone and would look forward to working with her again.

Tal Horovits
Data scientist, Amenity Analytics
Joel Berman

Osnat is a real professional. The content she conveys inspires everyone in the room. I enjoyed every minute!

Joel Berman
Partner and CEO at JBS

As business becomes increasingly global and demanding, it is vital to master communication skills across borders.
Osnat, mastery of Israel-American relations and understanding of cultures, was the right person for the job. The tools and real-life examples that she used emphasized the cultural differences and the way to overcome them. I strongly recommend this workshop for everyone working in a global company.

Natalie Blecher
Head of Business Operations, Amdocs

Osnat did a great job in writing this book on Israeli Business Culture. I think it is relevant to anyone who as an Israeli deals with other globally, as well as anybody in the world who deals with Israelis. This book and Osnat's lectures give a wide guidance on how to build effective Business relationship with Israelis, or Israelis with other globally.
Osnat writes beautiful and also her lectures or wonderful and interesting. She is doing it with a lot of passion to the world of business cultures.
Highly Recommended!!!

Neta Zruya
Partner at PWC Israel

Osnat Lautman is an excellent expert and lecturer in the field of cross cultural communication. I had the privilege to be on her lecture; “Israeli business culture, and the gap to other cultures around the globe”. The lecture was superb: great presentation skills with lots of practical experience and relevant cross cultural theories- Highly recommended!

Dana Shaham-Reshef
Marketing and Business Development Manager at Eitan Mehulal & Sadot Attorneys

"I consider it a privilege to have worked with Osnat Lautman. As one of the leaders in her field, Osnat cooperated with the program I manage at the Jewish Agency for Israel during the training process of the program. Osnat is a professional consultant and lecturer with great interpersonal skills and an amazing ability to lead a group and take it to the next step. Osnat is committed to devoting as much time as the customer needs and I was very impressed by her thoroughness."

Tzur Oren
Director of Ketzev: Social Business, The Jewish Agency of Israel

"We work with Osnat as a consultant and lecturer in the field of intercultural communication with the USA. As the development center of an American company, this field is at the center of our work. Osnat gave a speech to all the company employees, from developers and inspectors to the most senior manager. The lecture was to-the-point, relevant, innovative and refreshing. Osnat has audience speaking skills and conveys knowledge in an interesting manner and at a high standard. I highly recommend it for any company involved in the field."

Avi Shussheim
Training & Learning Manager, Interwise

"I met Osnat after receiving a recommendation from a colleague. We were looking for a product that would bridge the gap between our envoys to the US (soldiers and officers in the military) and the organization’s supporters and donors in the US. We had an immediate click and I realized that after a long search I had finally found what I had seeking for a long time. In the past two years Osnat has been accompanying and preparing all of our envoys to the US (a few dozen of them already). Her workshop is the highlight of their preparation, and the feedback we get from the attendees (the envoys) and the customers in the US is amazing. Osnat has been accompanying the company in the process of team building, emphasizing the cultural differences between the management in NY and the Israeli branch."

Atar Dagan
Director of the Israeli branch of FIDF
Ken SeguineTal HorovitsJoel Berman
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